We could not be more excited to bring this groundbreaking shoot to you all as the first post of our spring semester! Over the last ten years, fashion and the way trends are formed has changed exponentially. Music festivals and social media gave rise to the idea of “aesthetic”, and the way people view fashion has shifted. No longer are we dressing just to express ourselves – we’re dressing to market ourselves. The dream-like, rave-culture looks exhibited in this photo shoot resists that, though. Our generation has fallen in love with raves because on our nights out, we want to feel as though we are escaping the reality of the world. The anonymity of nightlife is exacerbated by elaborate and theatrical make-up, and this allows us to explore our gender and sexuality even as our culture has shifted back towards demanding gendered clothing. We commit ourselves to looking like surrealist reveries because we are trying to carve out a bit of beauty in a world that is increasingly perilous and difficult to be a young person in. In an era when the future has never been more uncertain, its only natural that young people would be drawn to fashion that transcends reality.


For my Euphoria look I wanted a look that was mostly shopped sustainability. I got the black shirt from goodwill. I purchased the purple button up top at the underground thrift store on the hip strip. The pants were a gift from a friend. I hand made all of the chain accessories (other then the sunglasses) for this photoshoot. When thinking about my outfit for the euphoria theme I wanted something still in my own comfort zone, but something that was empowering and embraced my own gender expression in fashion I normally wouldn’t wear day to day.


I wore a fabulous purple velvet pirate-vibe top and decided to only button one button, emphasizing my silhouette and creating some dimension. My revealed skin became a backdrop on which I attached silver butterflies to create a magical illusion that butterflies were flying up my body. My oversized, extra-long weighed down the light and airy top half, bringing balance. I also kept it simple and sporty with my white cortezes. Since my bottom half was sporty and mobile, I put my hair in a simple pony, but because I wanted to maintain a balanced look, I made sure my hair was still voluminous in a high pony, which was both balancing and fun. My fake Gucci glasses were the finishing touch and another pop of color. I chose my butterfly makeup and butterfly body art to reflect a fun, carefree spirit. Euphoria is about going big with expression, and not limiting yourself to the regular constraints of acceptable everyday fashion. Thus, I wanted to create an expressive and hyper look, refusing to bound myself to what makes me feel safe. 

The shirt and pants were thrifted. The shoes are a hand-me-down. I got the glasses from “Import Market” in downtown Missoula, and the silver butterflies were a gift from a friend. Overall, you do not have to support fast fashion or be a huge consumer to be fashionable and have fun expressing yourself. Using thrifted, old, or borrowed pieces in new ways lets you have fun in fashion while being a little more ethical and sustainable. 🙂


For the Euphoria shoot I wore a XL men’s button down, fishnets and thigh high boots.  I like to dress androgynous most days and since Euphoria is about expressing oneself through clothes I wanted to incorporate my usual outfit with aspects of femininity.  I really liked this outfit and felt like it fit my personality well. I was a huge fan of the shoot and really enjoyed expressing myself through clothes like they do in the show. Luckily my outfit did not cost me anything. I already had the boots and tights, I just had to borrow the shirt from my boyfriend, Remington.


Euphoria it is! I have never seen the TV show and did not know much about the fashion of Euphoria, so I took to Pinterest. I found lots of glitters and glowing ideas. I love a good glitter. I started the outfit off with my green silk dress from American Eagle (I got this dress on clearance for $20!). I paired the dress with my H&M strappy heels (also bought on sale). The most important part of this shoot for me was the makeup and nails. I was walking through Spirit Halloween and saw these oil slick press on nails. I loved the way they shined. For my makeup, I wanted to find a color that complemented green, so I went with purple. I went through all my eye shadow palettes and picked every purple I could. I topped the eye look off with the new Hocus Pocus glitters from ColourPop. The purple I used is called, “Amok, Amok, Amok!”  This shoot was so fun, experimenting with a look generally not in my wheelhouse was such a treat!


The element that I most often use to express myself is glitter, and I thought, “What better way to express my most inner self than through the thing I love the most?” After planning this photoshoot, I found this ICONIC glitter purple dress at H&M for only $12!!! Not only did I purchase it for this shoot, but for my everyday wardrobe as well. When I think of the entire vibe of “Euphoria” and everything that comes with it, from the makeup and costumes to the lighting and staging, I always think about the vibrant neon/iridescent coloring of the lights and just the entire look. When I went shopping with my fellow Trendsetter Cassidy to Spirit Halloween, I found this beautiful cape/wing set for $20 and KNEW that I needed it for this photoshoot. Nothing screams “Euphoria” to me more than this STATEMENT piece. It isn’t just the color, but it’s the feeling of empowerment that I feel by spreading those wings to fly or just throwing it over my shoulder to sassily strut away. There is no better way to strut your stuff than in thigh high black boots, which I snagged at Rue 21 four years ago, also only $20. Speaking of Rue 21, how about that glitter choker? Also four years ago, but only $15. I also incorporated my white fishnet tights for this shoot from two years ago, also from Spirit Halloween.

For my makeup, it was more GLITTER? What a surprise! A few years ago I had the honor of performing in the halftime show at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. As part of the experience, we got a bunch of makeup, including my silver glitter eyeshadow. I also used my glitter eyeshadows from NYX Cosmetics in the shades of purple, pink, and white on my eyes, as highlight, and on my body. For my lips I put on a Buxom lip plumper in the shade “Mariah” from Ulta. As for my fabulous hair, I have to thank and give a major shoutout to my girl (and fellow Trendsetter) Amanda! Without her expertise, this outfit would not have been complete.


Hello again! For this shoot I started thinking about a few of the items in my closet that I love a lot, but never wear. The spirit of characters on Euphoria is all about wearing clothes you love, nevermind what people think. I own lots of really lovely costume jewelry and sparkly shoes because of high school dances and pageants. Yet, I never wear these pieces on a daily basis because for some reason sparkles and shimmery things tend to read formal. I’m already notoriously overdressed so I tend to avoid wearing over the top things in my accessories and save sparkles for special occasions. Which is really sad, as many of these shoes and earrings are some of my favorites and being around them makes me happy. For this shoot, I decided to embrace my inner punk Cinderella and paired a lovely silver skirt(bought a few years ago from H&M) with a thrifted sheer graphic and bedazzled T-shirt($1.99 at Goodwill). I cropped and widened the neckline of the T-shirt myself, I’m a short gal with skinny shoulders, I find the wider necklines help balance my hips, and crop tops eliminate bulk when worn with skirts and fit my proportions better. The earrings I’m wearing are the ones I wore to my freshman winter semi-formal( Claire’s four years ago, probably about $13) and the shoes were also thrifted(Goodwill $2.99). My makeup is a combination of about a zillion eyeshadow pallets but the lovely blue all over glitter is from Urban Decay and costs about $24 dollars a tube, but you will literally never run out, and it’s super sticky. I had so much fun wearing glittery accessories, I think I’m going to try and incorporate it more into my everyday wardrobe.


Hey Trendsetters! What a fun and artistic shoot this was! Although I have never seen the show that the Euphoria trend is named after, I can never miss an opportunity to play with fun makeup and glitter. I wanted my outfit to be a bit simple for this shoot, as I wanted to give my makeup an opportunity to shine (literally!) I went with a blue velvet textured dress I got at Rue21 years ago and that I often wear to fun events. That paired with cute jelly heels I got at Goodwill for $3 a while ago and hadn’t had an opportunity to wear yet. My hairstyle was one that I’d never worn before but I think I’m definitely going to be wearing more often after how good it turned out for this shoot. It was a half-up style with two small pigtails pinned down with my favorite bee hairpins. I used some of my favorite makeup for this shoot including The James Charles and Jaclyn Hill palette both by Morphe, the ABH Aurora Glowkit, and Too Faced peach lipstick in “make me blush.” I completed the look with some Ardell Double Wispies lashes, some of my favorite cosmetic-grade glitter, and some NYX liners and pigments. I wanted the shots to turn out artistic and dreamy, so I brought some dried flowers I had as a prop. — xoxo, Sara


Hey, Trendsetters! This is Cassidy, your social media coordinator! I was so excited for this shoot. Euphoria is such an interesting show to base a photoshoot on, and I knew exactly what I would do for my outfit. For my makeup, I got to use my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy palette, along with some ELF glitter, a Betty Boop x IPSY blush and NYX Butter Gloss to create a fiery red look to match the clothes I gathered together. The little butcher knives I wore on my ears I grabbed from JoAnn’s Halloween collection (they were only $4 so they were quite the steal!). I placed a strong basis on my outfit around Kat Hernandez’s clothes in the show. I grabbed the fishnet top and red mesh top from Amazon (around $19 total). Kat’s character broke so many tropes for the “fat teenage girl” in television and film today. It’s characters like her that make me feel so much more comfortable in my body every day and accept the skin I was born in. Remember to love yourselves and that you are beautiful. 




What I wore to the “Euphoria” photo shoot was a red hoodie with a Polaroid crop top underneath and then some light wash jeans with my Adidas hightops that I stoned myself. And for my mug I basically just took inspiration from Zendaya’s look for the promos from the “Euphoria” show.


Even though I have to watch Euphoria, I couldn’t have been more excited to participate in this photo shoot. I decided I wanted to draw inspiration from the character of Kat and her bdsm-inspired fits. To get my fit together I decided to sport a red skirt with a lingerie top I purchased at Spencers. My fellow trendsetter Michael suggested that I get crafty with this piece and turn a pair of fishnets into an under-top! I loved how it looked beneath the lingerie top and how it matched with the ones on my legs! I also put on my new favorite pair of boots: my nearly-knee-high black boots! To finish it off I added some body glitter, a choker,  and some chains!! I had such a great time taking these pictures with our photographer Rakel!


Hello Trendsetters! 

This shoot was so much fun and it was such a wonderful experience to dress up with clothes that I felt confident and beautiful in. When I thought of Euphoria. I thought glitter, glitter, and more glitter. I got my glitter for $10 at @ravefantasyland off of Instagram! My tube top that was $11.35 is from ROMWE. My pants and flannel were both thrifted. I love thrifting!!!! You can find some really cute and affordable pieces that add character and style to your closet without breaking the bank! I enjoyed the Euphoria photoshoot so much! It was a wonderful time playing around with lights and looking confident and dramatic! Never be afraid to express yourself, for you are beautiful. Inside and out. Xoxo


For the Euphoria shoot, I looked to the queen of the seventies, Stevie Nicks, for inspiration. Although we are decades away from the sensational glory days of Fleetwood Mac, their music has fueled the coming-of-age of teenagers since Rumors dropped. And isn’t that what Euphoria and rave-culture fashion is all about? Growing up and figuring out how you fit into the world while attempting to maintain the surreal, dreamy magic of childhood? So, like Stevie, I chose to wear a large, tasseled shawl, and I also wore a necklace my mother made which features a raw amethyst. The white tube top is so soft, and I got it on sale for $4.80 at Dillards. I’m not really a glitter person, but I had so much fun creating this over the top makeup look. I think it’s telling that our generation has distinctly turned to surrealism in our fashion. We’ve grown up watching our world fall apart, so it makes sense that in expressing ourselves, we would be drawn to dream-like, escapism aesthetics. It was amazing to take part in a shoot that celebrated our generations unique response to the bizarre circumstances of our environment.


Although it’s a little late, I’m so excited to finally participate in a photo shoot for trendsetters. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what to do for euphoria. I was either going to go with a simple look and bold make up or a really edgy look with subdued make up and a lot of body glitter. In the end it turned out to be a harmonious blend of the two. For this outfit I started with a long sleeve mesh top from H&M, layered with a light lavender tank top dress, which hugged in all the right ways, both pieces courtesy of Kaylee Bodge. To finish it off I added long black knee-high socks and my absolute favorite fashion find ever, my white go-go boots that I scored for only $10. My make up was a whole other story. My good friend and make up expert, Jayne Albrect created an amazing light purple cut crease look, complete with a light gloss and small diamonds at the corner of each eye. My hair was a simple double mini pony.

Thank you all for following along with us on our journey while we revolutionize what it means to be a Trendsetter. We hope you’ve been inspired to express your true self in ways that make you feel your most Euphoric.

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by Rakel Tangvald | @rakel_tangvald