Fall Fashion

Happy autumn everyone! Here in Missoula, of course, the first official week of fall is accompanied by a Winter Storm Warning. Technically, there’s snow on the ground outside but as far as we’re concerned, if you don’t look outside, it’s totally fall. There’s beautiful changing leaves and pumpkins outside. Definitely not snow. That’s how that works, right?


Brooklynn in off the shoulder black sweater, black skinny jeans and black ankle boots

Fall is the time of year that calls for change. A once bright and green atmosphere makes its way into a dark and earthy abode. My style transitioning into fall mirrors this transition. When I think of fall, I think of a beautiful coldness; leaves shrivel into colors of crimson and the sky paints itself in dark purples.
I wanted my look to capture this emotional response to fall. I decided recently to color my hair back to my root color (black) and really wanted my look to match it. I went with one color scheme to really emphasize this change and the fall. I chose a black off the shoulder sweater, lightly distressed black jeans, and black booties to blend everything together. A fun fact about this look is all of the clothes were thrifted. The total outfit was under $40. 
The slim, chic look was complemented with a smokey eye, a mocha colored blush, and a dark pink gloss. I was inspired by Vanessa Hudgens and her dark makeup style for this finished look. She has a way to make a lot of dark colors makeup look very chic and feminine. I copied one of her most iconic looks for under $40! This was one of my favorite shoots to date. 

Brooklynn showing her makeup
Brooklynn smiling down
Brooklyn standing at the railing of a balcony
Brooklyn standing at the balcony, showing hoop earrings


Dana standing at the railing of a balcony. Red flannel dress with black leggings and undershirt. Brown ankle boots

Fall is coming right around the corner real quick and we are few weeks away from the start of pumpkin spice everything. For this look I decided to look through my closet and found cute pieces I decided to piece together. I decided to go for a simple yet edgy outfit. The red flannel dress is from Hollister, the leggings are from H&M, the black one piece is from Rue21 and my brown booties are from Dilliard’s.

Dana showing her straightened hair and red lipstick
Dana sitting on the railing of a balcony
Dana sitting on the railing
Dana leaning on the railing


Saige smiling in front of some bushes and trees

I love fall. It’s the perfect time to get comfy and cozy and there are so many ways to style outfits for the season! For this look I wore one of my fave Henley’s that I got from Target last year. It’s so soft and the oatmeal color goes great with everything. My jeans are also a Target find. The flared bottoms make them a bit of a statement piece and they are currently some of my favorite pants, that I’ve found are versatile from season to season. To accessorize I put on some little tortoise shell round earrings from Target and a hair scarf from Goodwill that is full of fall colors to compliment the changing leaves around us. I’m also a sucker for a good clog so pairing this look with my black clogs was a no-brainer for me. Now I just have to wait for it to cool down a bit so I can bust out all my sweaters and get in to all the pumpkin patch goodness that comes with this beautiful time of the year!

close up of Saige smiling, showing her hair scarf
Saige walking down a sidewalk on campus
Saige laughing over her shoulder
Saige smiling down


Cassidy leaning against a wall on campus

Hello, lovelies! My name is Cassidy, and I am a Sophomore. I am studying Creative Writing with a focus in Fiction, a minor in Media Arts and a certificate in African American Studies. Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. Leggings, sweatshirts and hot cocoa all around! The turnover between summer and fall means trying the best I can to wear my summer clothes as much as possible until temperatures go down. My stepmom gave me this button up short sleeved shirt. I’ve owned these green shorts for what feels like forever. The eye-shadow is from the Urban Decay Game of Thrones palette, which is by far my favorite palette I have gotten! I am so excited for this coming semester, Between my dog, 31 Nights of Halloween, my Crocs and sweats, I will be cozy and comfortable studying up. Remember darlings, stay warm with Montana’s dropping temperatures, and stay safe! 

Cassidy smiling down
Cassidy looking down showing her brown and gold eyeshadow


Ashley smiling reaching up toward the sun shining through tree leaves

Hello Trendsetters, it has been too long! Everyone, fall is here. Will that stop me from wearing bright colors and shorts? Absolutely not! Odds are you’ll see me in shorts and skirts past the first snowfall. I am here to tell you that bright colors are in and will be year round! There’s no reason to stick with the standard colors of the changing leaves. Why fit in when you were born to stand out? I have had my eye on this neon pink mesh top at Rue 21 for months, but they never had my size. I finally went in this last weekend and not only did they have my size, but it was on the clearance rack for $5! On my way out I found a crop top that said, “Hello, My Name is Barbie” in NEON PINK LETTERS to perfectly match the mesh top in my hand, so I gave in and bought it for $17 – worth it! These overalls of mine just scream fall to me, and spring and summer, and I got them on clearance for only $9 at Walmart! As for my shoes, I searched “adult light up shoes” on Amazon and I found these bad boys for only $15! I wear them to any Neon, 80’s, or light up party that I go to – like Silent Disco on the Oval, for example! And for my favorite part of this outfit – the matching fanny pack/baseball cap combo! This summer, my boyfriend and I were obsessed with garage saling. One weekend, we went to this estate sale in the South Hills and I found this matching set for only $9! Seeing the amount of glitter I knew it was meant to be! So whenever you’re walking around campus and you’re all of a sudden being blinded out of nowhere, don’t worry! It’s just me and my glitter!

Ashley smiling down
Ashley showing her hat and fanny pack
Ashley leaning against a tennis court fence


Sara looking over her shoulder

Hey loves! Fall is absolutely my favorite fashion season because of how diverse and creative my outsits are able to be. Lately, I would say my style is “slightly grungy flower-child,” I love flower prints and flowy blouses, but also darker makeup, skinny jeans, and flannels. For this outfit, I was inspired by Free People fashions of last season, but also put my own little twist on it. To start off the look, I have a handmade dress that I bought from Rockin’ Rudy’s (absolutely one of my favorite shops in Missoula!) The dress was made by a fair-trade company and apparently every one of their designs is somehow unique! What drew me to it was, of course, the multiple flower prints and the really cool corset-style back. I layered on a hand-me-down denim shirt from my mom on top (it was actually my mom’s birthday on the day of this shoot!) To pull the look together, I have on my favorite pair of hiking boots that I wear all the time in the fall. 

For accessories, I chose a Hufflepuff print scrunchie from Hot Topic, and some beautiful handmade earrings I got this summer in the Flathead by Alexis at www.montanasouls.com. Her handmade jewelry is surprisingly affordable and crafted from raw materials found in Montana! To pull everything together, I had a darker fall-inspired makeup look. I mainly used shades from Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes and Urban Decay’s Naked Heat for my eyeshadow and finished the look off with some of the products that I use daily: Garnier’s Rose Water Soothing Facial Mist (vegan and natural ingredients!), Laura Geller’s Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Charming Pink, LAC Matte Lipstick in in love, and I topped it off with my favorite lip gloss ever, Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow.

I hope everyone’s sweater-weather season goes great! See y’all soon!



Sara turning away from the camera, smiling over her shoulder and allowing her
Sara showing her burnt orange and brown eyeshadow
Sara looking down


Ember looking down, with the sun shining in their hair

Fall is my favorite season! I love everything about it from the eggnog lattes to the colors of the trees when their leaves turn. The best part about fall is the sweaters. The second we get the first cold snap I pull out my sweaters and button-up shirts. For this look I wore a white polo shirt and an orange sweater which was a great little thrift store find. Polo shirts are great for whenever the weather is just a bit too warm for a full button up under a sweater. I love how this sweater complements the fall colors. I put on some gold earring studs to match the gold on my they/them pronoun pin. Not only is the pin a great, easy-to-wear piece of jewelry, but it is also a great way to avoid being misgendered. I paired it all with boyfriend jeans (or as I prefer to call them, “girlfriend jeans”) I found at Maurices and some converse. I can’t wait until I can pull out my red pea coat and plaid scarf and go for walks in the crisp autumn air!

Ember smiling over their shoulder
Ember looking off into the distance, showing their pin
Ember smiling in front of the green house
Ember sitting in a tree they climbed


Savannah sitting on a concrete ledge

Although sweater weather is fun… I wanted to break-up the mundane fall-sweater-look, so I went for a casual, yet dressy outfit. I wore a pair of eye catching white jeans from Stradivarius (An amazing store I visited while in Colombia this summer). I scored these jeans for 45000 pesos, which is the equivalent of about 13 US dollars. I contrasted the white jeans with a thrifted burnt orange corduroy jacket. The first part of fall is still a little warm, so I like to wear a shirt underneath that I would be okay sporting if I needed to shed a layer later in the day. Nothing is worse than a transitional season, that goes through phases of hot and cold throughout the day making it difficult to dress for the weather. Give yourself the freedom of layers, so you don’t overheat or freeze. This light jacket can easily be thrown off and go over your shoulder if it warms up. The neutral colored printed tank-top breaks up some of the solid colors in this look while also adding a little bit of texture and depth. I threw on a small yet practical crossbody bag that matched my loafers to tie the look together. 

Savannah smiling with the sunshine shining through her hair
Savannah looking off into the distance
Savannah with her hands in her pockets
Savannah sitting on a concrete ledge


Kady laughing

“Frickin Bats! I love Halloween.”

Ok, I don’t JUST love Halloween. I love everything fall. Call me basic. I don’t care. As the leaves change, so do I: into my favorite clothes. 

I would describe my style as thrifty and classic with a little dash of quirkiness. The centerpiece of this look, for me, is the pants. They are a rust brown with pleats and a great fit and I adore them. I found them at Goodwill along with this white blouse. I’m obsessed with the cute, little details of this shirt like the lace on the collar and the pearl buttons. I paired it all with my mustard strappy sandals from Ross. You can dress these shoes up or down, plus the color is fabulous. It may be fall but luckily, it’s still nice enough to wear sandals!  #climatechange 

Kady laughing, showing the lace details of her shirt collar
Kady looking over her shoulder
Kady in front of the green house, smiling
Kady smiling down


Arwen twirling her skirt

Hello friends,

As the weather gets colder, I find myself gravitating towards warm earthy colors in my outfits and playing with layers and textures. I imagine this outfit to be sophisticated but fun- kind of a small-town librarian look. I am really into repurposed fashion for a more resource- and earth-friendly life. Every component of my outfit is second hand. I think it is entirely possible to cultivate a unique style without a department store rack or a huge budget. The dress itself is a floral 1950’s cut that was given to me by a costumer friend after many years of use at a local playhouse. Both the shoes and shirt are faux suede, to contrast the flowy floral skirt. I didn’t want everything to match, but I did go for a unified, intentional look. Bring on the pumpkin pie, leaf piles, and crisp mornings, fall is here friends!

Arwen looking over her shoulder, hair twirling around her head as she turns
Arwen, hand on hip
Arwen looking down, touching her hair
Arwen leaning against a wall


Luke smiling in front of a row of hedges on campus

Hi, I’m Luke. I chose this outfit because when I think of fall, I think chilly weather, but cozy and comfortable clothes. I wait for the days to start getting cooler so I can break out my oversized sweater that matches the fall colors, and I love these jeans because they keep me comfortable for the entire day, no matter what the weather’s like. The best part is the giant pockets that fit all my fall necessities: lotion and lip balm. I could probably even fit a La Croix in there, my favorite drink at any time of year. In my opinion, the best part of fall is when the leaves start changing colors, and I can’t wait to enjoy that here in Missoula!

Luke looking off into the distance
Luke smiling on a sidewalk on campus
Luke smiling, hand on hip
Luke sitting on the ground, laughing


Molly sitting on concrete steps

Hi I’m Molly! I’ve been in Trendsetters for a year. I’m a psychology major. My main inspiration in fashion is the alternative scene, mainly a punk look. 

I chose this outfit for our fall themed shoot. The Green Day baseball tee is perfect for it starts getting cold. I paired it with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans I made myself. I like to add fishnets with the jeans to make it more alternative. Then I added a pair of black Converse and then a beanie. Fall is that nice in between of scorching hot and freezing, so I like dressing light but still warm. 

Molly sitting against a concrete wall looking off into the distance
Molly sitting on stairs looking down
Molly sitting against a concrete wall looking straight ahead
Molly looking down, sitting


Marlena on a concrete bench smiling up at the camera

Welcome back to an awesome year here at the University of Montana! I hope you all had a lovely summer full of adventure, good times, and lots of sun. With the start of school comes the start of fall and I love love love it! The crisp air, the steaming cider, football games, pumpkin pie, sweaters, corn mazes!! I could go on and on. 

My favorite trend for fall this year is patterns. Patterns in colors such as brown, tan, red, and orange make an outfit feel very cozy and fall-inspired. Plus, patterns on pants, jackets, or scarves add a super fun component to any look this season. 

The pants I decided to wear as my statement piece in these photos are Ralph Lauren brand but I thrifted them from our local Goodwill for around $5, what a steal! (I think thrifting is a great way to get unique pieces for a minimal price, plus I think it’s really fun!) With my patterned pants, I decided to pair a simple black bodysuit, a black belt, and white Converse sneakers, which give the look a more laid back feel. By pairing this outfit with a darker lip, the seasonality of the look as a whole comes together. This outfit is very versatile and could be easily paired with almost any cute, warm jacket for the colder days. 

With that, I hope you have the most beautiful fall season and feel inspired to try something new with your style! 

Until next time,

Marlena on a bench looking off into the distance
Marlena looking over her shoulder
Marlena, hands on hips, looking over her shoulder
Marlena leaning forward and laughing to the camera
Marlena and Brooklynn laughing together

Thanks for checking out our fall post! See you next time!

-The Trendsetter Team

Photography by Aleksandra Wąs | @fotografed

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