Giggle Box Fall Fashion Show

On November 21, 2020, we were able to host our annual Fashion Show! This year, we shook things up and hosted it at Giggle Box in Southgate Mall and were able to collaborate with the styling genius of Skin Chic, and had the honor of modeling outfits that we all had the ability to pick out for ourselves at Dillard’s. It was a Southgate Sensation! For our Fashion Show, we took all of the proper precautions during the times of COVID-19 in order to ensure the safety of our members, our volunteers, and our audience. Backstage, everyone was required to wear a mask, as was our audience; we also had a limited capacity of 25 people, adhering to the Missoula County Health Guidelines. Giggle Box ensures customer safety by requiring masks for all, but makes sure it is safe for their customers to remove their masks for photos, one person at a time. To give everyone the ability to enjoy our show, we live streamed on our Instagram and Facebook platforms to ensure that those that wanted to see us strut our stuff, but couldn’t view in person, the ability to on multiple forms of social media.

We want to send a special thank you to all of the people that helped make this happen. To Logan and Tanya from Giggle Box, Lauren Poppen from Southgate Mall, Della Wilson from Dillard’s, Jenny Silva from Skin Chic, our lovely photographer Rakel Tangvald of Tangvald Photography, and everyone else that made this collaboration possible!


It was an honor to make this Fashion Show happen! After months of connecting and deliberating, we were finally able to pull the trigger and host our annual fashion show at Giggle Box in Southgate Mall. While this year looked different than others that we have had in the past, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Giggle Box is a fun, welcoming space for people of all ages to come in and have a good time!

I had so much fun at this fashion show and had the privilege of not only modeling in the show, but serving as a host/emcee as well. I could not have pulled this off without the tireless hard work and support of my darling fiancĂ© Tyrel, whom I am pointing at in one of these photos! We all as a crew took part in setting up tables and the stage, my karaoke machine for the emcees, writing fun facts about ourselves and our outfits, and went to Dillard’s for outfit fittings where we were able to choose our own outfits!

We each brought a look from home and a look from Dillard’s, as well as getting our makeup done by the lovely artists at Skin Chic, which just so happens to be right next door to Giggle Box in Southgate Mall. For my first outfit, the one I brought from home, I chose a glitter long sleeve crop top and a red sequin skirt, both from H&M in Southgate Mall. I added a little bit of extra sparkle with my faux leather Jacket with sequin sleeves from Macy’s, and my new pair of sparkle boots from Ross here in Missoula.

For my outfit that I created in collaboration with Dillard’s, I knew the moment I walked in that everything from head to toe had to SPARKLE! The moment I walked in the door, I knew I just HAD to wear this gorgeous pink sequin sweater from “Free People.” It was so me and looks absolutely glamorous no matter the setting. After bing in the store a couple times, I had absolutely fallen in love with this beautiful pair of black sequin pants, as well as this stunning pair of bedazzled silver heels. I could not leave the store without them, I had to show them off in this fashion show! After all was said and done, I ended up going back and buying the pants, I just couldn’t pass them up and I plan to wear them as my “opening number” outfit in my next pageant! This collaboration showed that hard work truly pays off and I had the most wonderful time working with everyone involved.

I am a senior at the University of Montana Majoring in Theatre, Minoring in Dance, and receiving my Entertainment Management Certificate. With the nickname of “The Glitter Goddess,” I made sure to live up to that hype with my outfits for the fashion show! I have to give a huge shoutout to my wonderful fiancĂ©, Tyrel. He was the catalyst behind the operation, doing the heavy lifting and transportation of equipment, but most importantly he has been there supporting me every step of the way to make this happen! We couldn’t have pulled it off without his never-ending support!


For my first outfit, I wore a dress from Bohme, located here in Southgate Mall, and I had worn it for a previous photoshoot. My shoes and tights are from Target.

For my second outfit in collaboration with Dillard’s, I chose a Free People dress. I love the loose fit and flowy pattern! I chose some awesome lace-up Timberland heels. I’ve always wanted to wear Free People and Timberlands!

I am a junior in the BFA Acting Program and minoring in Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies. I love creating art! I am also a curve model with the goal of normalizing normal bodies. My career goals include being an actor and director in indie films that focus on social justice issues. My other campus involvement includes Compassion in Action. I am also the secretary and social media coordinator of Lamda Alliance. I have a cute service dog named Bruno and I have been a part of Trendsetters for three years!


For my outfit from Dillard’s, I chose a silver dress and a pair of point-toed mini heels. The outfit I brought from home is from Francesca’s and the shoes are from Tradehome.

Some fun facts about me are that I am a Social Work Major here at the University of Montana, where I am also a UM Advocate. I LOVE pink. I am from Great Falls, MT, and I love fishing, shopping, and Netflix. My favorite season is summer, as you can tell from my home outfit. My shopping go-to’s are American Eagle, Francesca’s, Bohme, Hollister, and Apricot Lane.


My personal style is quirky vintage/playful classic. I love to sew and make my own clothes. I love to read, and my current favorite genre is Fantasy. I am from Polson, MT, and I am a freshman pre-Musical Theatre BFA Major, with an interest in Minoring in NonProfit Administration. When I grow up I want to be Elle Woods, but as a theatre professor instead of a lawyer. Pineapples are my absolute favorite! I have four cats named Scratch, Millie, Pascal, and Elsa!

For my first outfit, I got this Calvin Klein sweater from Dillard’s, my Mi Amore dress from Francesca’s, and my Life Strides shoes at Famous Footwear, all located at Southgate Mall!

My second outfit from our collaboration with Dillard’s, these shoes are Gianni Bini and the dress is Alex Marie; it makes me feel very much like Audrey Hepburn and I absolutely love the texture!

I want to especially thank Giggle Box for collaborating with us! MY favorite themed area is the Vinyl Wall!


For my outfit from home, I wore jeans from American Eagle, a top that I thrifted, and a pair of shoes that I got from Just Fab!

For my Dillard’s outfit, I wore a cheetah-patterned skirt with a burnt orange satin button down, oversized sherpa, and thigh high boots to compliment the New York fashion sense. I went for texture, pattern, and layers.

This is my first semester in Trendsetters! I am a junior studying elementary education. I love a good statement piece, especially a fancy boot, which you saw in both of my outfits for the fashion show.

My style ranges from casual cute to posh chic. My hobbies include dancing, hiking, yoga, shopping, and my favorite accessory is a scrunchie.


I am an Elementary Education Major. I worked as an RA at the University of Montana, but I left at semester. For this fashion show and my first outfit, I wore a sheer long sleeve with black jeans from American Eagle.

For my Dillard’s outfit, I wore a gorgeous golden jumpsuit with clear strappy heels. I wanted to take this look home with me!

My hobbies include dancing, cooking, anything outdoors, spending time with friends and family. I would describe myself as a goofy, small town girl who loves adventure!


For my first outfit that I brought from home, I wore a shirt from H&M, pants and belt from H&M, boots from Misguided, and jewelry from H&M and World Market. Don’t know if you can tell, but I like H&M.

For my second outfit from Dillard’s, I went for a 70s vibe. These black pants with fur trim were everything!

Fun facts about me include I’m majoring in Theatre and getting a Certificate in Entertainment Management. I’m a sophomore and I love travelling, acting, painting, and hanging out with friends and family. My dream is to travel the world and perform in shows.

Behind the Scenes!

We can’t thank all of our friends in Southgate Mall enough for making this happen! Thank you to all of our collaborators, emcees, models, hosts, designers, staff, and volunteers for making this happen! And once again, a huge thank you to our amazing photographer, Rakel Tangvald, who always goes above and beyond to capture how fabulous we look and for always giving 110%! We love you! And another huge shoutout to GiggleBox for hosting such a wonderful event! We look forward to collaborating in the future.

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by Rakel Tangvald | @rakel_tangvald