Happy Halloween, Trendsetters! It is Spooky Season, which means it’s time to put on your coolest costume, watch a scary movie, and eat your weight in candy! This year’s Halloween looks a little different than usual, but that doesn’t mean we cant still enjoy the day. Pick your head up, put on your costume, and strut your stuff and show everyone that we can still look good and get into the holiday spirit!

Kenndle & Remington

Me and Remington dressed as aliens visiting Earth for our photo shoot. Our outfit cost us $6. We wore clothes that we already had to show the tourist vibe we were going for. We bought green body paint which resulted in our cost. We both had a lot of fun with this shoot as we were able to act goofy and get pictures as a couple. Aidan was a blast to work with and really let us do our own thing which resulted in great pictures.


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and autumn is my favorite season. I also went through a pretty big goth phase that lasted from about eighth grade to junior year of high school, so needless to say, I had so much fun putting together an outfit for this photoshoot. The dress is the same one I wore to Homecoming in tenth grade, and I’ve always wanted an excuse to wear it again. I also have a passion for Celtic mythology and Irish literature, so I decided to safety pin some wings on it and call myself a fairy. I could rant about the cultural importance of preserving folklore for ten pages, but let it suffice to say that I’m endlessly glad that we have one night a year where we still celebrate stories that have been passed down since ancient times.


Hey Puddin! I absolutely loved Harley Quinn and how within the past few years, especially with the release of Suicide Squad she has become her own person. I wanted to honor her as best I could. With Halloween being as weird as it is this year (even more than usual) I really wanted to go all out. Between the costume, makeup (thank you so much Kat for helping me with my lipstick situation!! I had to get that perfect shade of red!) and the spray-on hair color (never again), I feel I did my absolute best to honor Margot Robbie and miss Harleen Quinzel. In true Harley fashion, I must sign off with my all time favorite quote from Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn: “I’m the one they should be scared of. Not you, and not Mr. J. Because I’m Harley freaking Quinn.”


Happy Halloween, Trendsetters!!! I hope everyone is celebrating safely and accordingly. Halloween is my favorite holiday and even though we’re in a pandemic, there’s no reason not to still get into the spirit! I decided to go as the Joker this year, which I’m not gonna lie was completely last minute! I saw the jacket and joker staff at Spirit Halloween ($25 & $20) and was obsessed with it and made me decide that I needed to be the Joker. I also got my stocking/garter belt tights from Spirit Halloween as well ($7.99). The chunky black boots I’m wearing are from Misguided which I got on sale during quarantine ($20), these boots give any outfit that extra “edginess” which is exactly what this costume needed. Under the jacket I’m wearing a cute little black dress that I bought from H&M ($12). For the makeup, I went the simple route and used some red lipstick to carve out the smile and added some fake blood to add some dimension. For the eyes, I thought it would be important to add a pop of purple, since that’s Joker’s signature color (besides green, of course haha). This photoshoot was amazing and thank you Aidan for the incredible pictures 🙂


Happy Halloween, Trendsetters! For this holiday season, I didn’t want to go out and buy a new costume since we can’t do anything due to COVID-19, so I went with my recycled Angel costume from 2 years ago with some updated elements. For this shoot, I couldn’t pick just one outfit. For my first look, I went with a classic, flowing angel look. I paired my wings and halo that I got at Spirit Halloween with a white Greek Goddess dress that I got at Ross 5 years ago for less than $20. I also added my favorite gold heels from Shoe Carnival 4 years ago, also $20. For my second look, I went with a more fun, almost “edgy” angelic look, or as edgy as an angel can be. I paired my good old Abercrombie & Fitch tank top that I bought 9 years ago for $25 with my Rue 21 white pants that I got on sale for $12. Put that with the same heels, halo, and wings, as well as some white mesh gloves from Spirit Halloween and I was ready to go!

The most important accessories that completed this look was my beautiful amethyst ring. It was my Nana’s, who passed away this past March after a courageous battle with malignant melanoma. I couldn’t think of a more perfect item to wear for my angel costume than such a special gift from my Guardian Angel herself. Have a blessed Halloween, everyone! Be safe, eat lots of candy, and wear your masks!

Thank you for spending your Halloween with us! Trick or treat, smell our feet, and give us something good to eat!

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by Aidan Patko | @patkophotography