Match Your Mask

It’s the start of a new semester, which means new members and new beginnings! While things have a different look on campus this semester, that doesn’t mean we can’t make it look good. Adding a mask to everyone’s outfit just brings a whole new element of expression to who we are. Now is the perfect time to come together and keep ourselves, as well as others, safe.


In this outfit I’m exploring a quirky adventurous side while also paying homage to some important people in my life. The shorts are actually genuine circa 1960’s lederhosen given to me by my neighbor. They give this outfit an elevated outdoorsy feel. I matched my boots in texture to the shorts, again going for elevated outdoorsy. The shirt belonged to my great grandfather back in the 70’s and the bow is a clip on bow tie that also belonged to my great grandfather. I matched my classic um mask with the bow. This outfit is vintage, fun, and very wearable as a back to school look!


Hello Trendsetters! It’s good to be back at UM and back in the full swing of things. I am so honored to serve as your President of Trendsetters at the U, and I could not think of a more important blog post than one dedicated to keeping our campus safe. Of course this year decided to throw us a curveball with COVID-19, but we’ll still make this year a home run by sticking together and staying safe. The first step in keeping yourself and others safe is wearing your mask. However, just because we are required to wear a new accessory doesn’t mean we can’t make it look good! My fiancé Tyrel bought me this mask on Etsy, as well as several other glittery ones – this specific one has extra sparkle, as well as crowns and the word “Princess” throughout the design. To match it, I put on my brand new dress from Venus that I have been dying to wear! It was only $35! I paired it with some gorgeous glitter heels that I snagged at Shoe Carnival for only $20 and a necklace from Rue 21 that was $15! It feels so good to be back on campus with the best group of individuals! I couldn’t ask for a better Trendsetters family. 


Hello, fellow Trendsetters and UM students! My name is Cassidy and I am your social media coordinator this year! This is my third year at UM and my second year in Trendsetters. I am studying Creative Writing with a focus in fiction and a certificate in African American Studies. This photoshoot idea was so clever! I really adore all of my fellow Trendsetters and I want to promote that wearing a mask is awesome! I got this alien t-shirt recently at Ross Dress for Less for $6, which totally fits my galaxy/alien obsession I’ve had recently. The jeans I got from Old Navy ($20) this past winter with Christmas sales. The shoes ($15) I grabbed from Famous Footwear! My mask (my second favorite part of the outfit) I got from The Western Montana Community Center. They have been distributing these Pride Masks during this pandemic and were kind enough to send me one all the way in Oregon! It has been my favorite mask that I have worn within the past 6 months and will stay fond and close with me! I look forward to our other photoshoots we have planned this semester and I will see you all soon! Stay safe and be good people!


Hello, I am Elijah Miller. I was not expecting to do this photo shoot, but right place right time. I ended up not having anything on that really matched my mask so I ended up turning the UM mask given out at the beginning of the semester inside out and using that. For my outfit I was just feeling floral that morning. So that’s what I went with.


Hello! My name is Karlee and my outfit included a cute cami from H&M ($13.00), green shorts I found while thrifting ($5.00), and some chunky sandals from ROMWE ($17.00). My accessories include this really cute necklace I got as a gift from my boyfriend’s mom <3 I had so much fun with the “Match your Mask” photoshoot! I had a little bit of a struggle matching, but I decided to go with a chic, trendy look to go with my black mask! I think it’s so important to encourage safety wherever you are, but especially a learning environment such as U of M. The student body is so interactive and friendly but I’m proud to be a Griz during these confusing times!  I mean….what can I say? What’s more trendy than staying safe 🙂


I couldn’t have been more excited to hear about the theme of this photo shoot being, “Match your Mask.” I’ve had this amazing black and white polka dot dress (H&M $4) in my closet that I had been absolutely itching to wear, and this was a perfect opportunity to bust it out! I had never worn it before because the tight fit was a source of nervousness for me, but my nerves and reluctance quickly went away after pairing it with some black heels (H&M $15) and having my fellow Trendsetters hype me up! At first I thought that one of my plain black masks would go along with it, but then I figured I might as well get creative with it and splatter white paint all over it! This was a complete last minute discussion that I made 10 minutes before the photoshoot! (Thank god acrylic paint dries fast!) Overall, I’m pleased that I went with that decision because I love the final product! I can’t wait for future photo shoots where I have more opportunities to wear items that deserve time in the light!


System of a Down is a band all about raging against the system. I channeled their album Toxicity with my mask of voting. I believe that the government we currently have is not representative of the people. We can either choose to sit back and ignore it or take action and change it. In order to change the system we must elect officials that truly represent us and give us the people a voice for change. There is no way to change without taking action and standing up for what you believe in.


Hey, y’all! Let me jump right into the fashion stuff by starting with the star of this shoot: my mask! No matter what your opinion is on wearing them, you must admit that there are some really cute fabrics and patterns to make them from! The one I’m wearing in these photos is made from an adorable, yellow Tweety Bird fabric with white straps. Fun fact about this mask: my brother made it! He’s not usually a sewer (my mom’s the usual seamstress in the family), but he decided to try something new, and then gifted me one of the results! 

To match my mask, I wore a tie-dye Looney Tunes (TM) shirt with some casual, light blue jeans, and accessorized with a brown belt. And to match the hint of gold on the belt, I also put on some mini, gold hoop earrings, which I LOVE! I decided to match this bright outfit with some flashy, silver shoes that have a star design on them- you might have to squint to notice it, though! Lastly, for my makeup, I didn’t really do anything other than my eyes, because they’re really the only part of the face that you see when someone’s wearing a mask. I put on a little concealer from Bare Minerals (TM), some Sei Bella (TM) Length & Lift mascara on my upper lashes, and just a touch of white eye-liner from Wet n Wild (TM) on the inner corners of my eyes (all of those brands are cruelty free, by the way). This entire look is definitely brighter than what I usually choose to put on. While I don’t really have a definitive style, I do tend to lean more towards darker color schemes, so seeing me in something this bright is sort of a rare occurrence.


For this photoshoot, as the theme was “Match Your Mask,” I wanted to use a basic color to highlight styling and accessories. In my outfit I wore a black baby-doll dress, a black mask, knee high black fishnet socks, short black socks, black sparkly boots, and a dark grey wide brimmed hat.  Usually I am not one for dressing entirely in black, for me it is more of a basic color that you add onto with other colors, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and go all out for my first photoshoot as a part of the Trendsetters.  With the dress, previous to buying it, I didn’t own any baby-doll cut garments, so when walking through Target it immediately caught my eye, and with the main part of the outfit in place the rest just came together.  I love the look of layering multiple things so I reached for a pair of cotton black socks that I would normally wear with the sparkly boots, and added a fun pair of black knee high fishnets underneath it to add more pattern into the outfit. Mixing elements and adding a few layers can do wonders when you are putting an outfit together, or just trying to spruce up an old one. Lastly for my makeup I went with a simpler orangish smokey eye, not a lot, just something to highlight my eyes and provide contrast to the rest of the outfit.


My first photoshoot back with Trendsetters! After taking a year off, I am so thrilled to be back. For this first shoot I picked out my American Eagle romper, which later got destroyed in the wash (RIP). My denim shirt was thrifted from a garage sale 6ish years ago and is now covered in paint, but I love it anyways. Cute little white sneakers and some pearl hair clips complete my look. I have been letting my hair grow and grow in its natural state, it’s been 6 months since I last used heat on it (very happy hair).  I have been super into glowing makeup, makes me feel like a princess ♥️ I paired my makeup with Fenton Beauty Body Lava. Of course we cannot forget the Winnie the Pooh face mask, out here keeping y’all safe!

Thank you for reading our blog to kick off the semester! We hope to be seeing all of your masks around campus.

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by @trendsettersattheu members