Just like our Trendsetters, fashion comes in all colors of the rainbow. Whether you choose to wear neutral, bright, warm, or cool colors, having an ensemble made up of one color scheme is fashionable no matter the time of year!


Most of my wardrobe consists of darker shades, especially blacks, dark blues, and grays. So of course, when I found out we were doing a monochrome-themed photo shoot, I had to choose one of those colors. I went with black because not only was it a color I could fully cover myself in, but it is one that I feel SUPER confident wearing! Especially in my wicked, black lipstick from Wet n Wild (TM), which I do not get to wear very often (sadly). I also decided to put some eyeshadow on, which is a rather rare thing for me to do, but I figured that since I do have black and grey eyeshadow, I might as well wear it and complete the look! I decided to add a touch of shine to my outfit, just so it wouldn’t be too dreary. The belt I chose has some silver rhinestones on it, and to sort of tie the rhinestones in I decided to don my silver, Italian Greyhound-shaped dangle earrings as well (which are one of my favorites, btw)! And yes, I did choose to wear a turtle-neck sweater and jeans in 70/80-degree weather… but I didn’t care about getting too hot 😉 Plus I’m from Arizona, so the heat never really bothered me anyway. 


I wore a Calvin Klein dress with Antonio Melani heels and a Michael Kors crossbody purse.  All were bought on clearance at Dillards.


Hey Trendsetters! My name is Bre and for my monochrome outfit, I chose the color red. Red is my favorite color so i was super excited to do this shoot! I actually borrowed the red sweater from a friend but she says she thrifted it from it from goodwill for $6 (goodwill has the BEST sweaters, do not sleep on them!). My plaid skirt is from Brandy Melville ($26) and my chunky black sandals are from Misguided and I got them on sale for $20! I styled this outfit with some of my gold jewelry. I got my necklaces from H&M and ROMWE for under $10 and my gold watch is from my boyfriend 🙂 This shoot was a blast and it was great to have such a great turn out and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s coming up!!


I wore my outfit because I love the color yellow; I love how it makes me feel when I wear the color instantly puts me in a better mood. I purchased my dress at Francesca’s, one of my favorite boutiques in the mall for $38. For my makeup I wanted to do gold to bring out the color of my blue eyes to try and make them stand out in the photos. For my shoes, a simple brown wedge I also purchased them at Francesca’s for $40. I recommend this type of heel for anyone who has long toes like me and has a hard time wearing the standard closed toe heel.


Hey Trendsetters! I was so excited to kick off this semester with such a fun shoot! For this shoot, I wanted to pick green as my monochrome color, not only because I have a lot of that color in my closet, but also because of what I consider that color to represent. For me, green represents growth and new beginnings. Recently, my health has taken quite a toll on my body, and I have had to rest much more than usual and cut out some things from my life. I’ve realized that I can use this as an opportunity to make new discoveries and grow. Green also brings me calmness because it is the color of nature, and I love filling my apartment with houseplants!

A fun fact about this outfit is that everything I’m wearing is either thrifted or I got way on sale. Something I’ve learned is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to be fashionable. I have also been trying to live more sustainably recently, and buying clothes second-hand or wearing pieces for years is an easy way to do that. My favorite thing about this outfit is my green Converse. I got these sneakers about a year ago and they are my first pair of Converse. I have always wanted a pair of Converse but something that has always stopped in the past is that a brand new pair can cost upwards of $100. But I ended up getting three sales on these and the total including shipping was less than $30. What a steal! The green cardigan I have had since high school and is one of my favorite pieces to use to layer when the weather starts getting cooler. The green dress I thrifted from Goodwill this summer for about $5 and have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it since I bought it. For my makeup, I wanted to use orange and pink tones for not only a pop of color but because they go well with green. I used the James Charles palette for this look, which I got for 60% off during a four-hour online sale at Ulta.

That’s all for now! See y’all soon!


I’m all about dark, muted colors, and blue is my absolute favorite! I feel very small town girl next door in this dress which makes sense since my mom picked it out for me. For someone who loves fashion, I actually hate shopping, and my mom always helps me not get overwhelmed. Most of my favorite pieces I got because she encouraged me to. I originally got this dress to see my favorite band, Lord Huron, in concert, so I also have amazing memories in it. Plus, (and most importantly) IT HAS POCKETS!!!


Hello all! Fall is swiftly approaching campus, the leaves are turning, and with a smoke induced chill in the air I finally have an excuse to wear cardigans. For my Monochrome look I decided to embrace my fall hype and go for autumnal burgundy tones. I find when I wear one color it’s important to add notes of texture to wake it up. My skirt is faux suede (Dressbarn a couple years ago) which adds a playful touch of texture to a single color look. I also tied my t-shirt (JCPenney, stolen from my sister) in the front to add a bit of texture. I also wore a cardigan (Land’s End…also several years ago) because adding a third piece to a look makes it seem more intentional and put together. My shoes (Chase and Chloe) are not only adorable, but the t-strap and vintage heel shape make them super comfortable for strolling around campus. I wore my favorite oversized faux pearl earrings for an extra vintagey touch.


When I learned that the theme of this photoshoot was “Monochrome,” I couldn’t have been more excited! I knew immediately I wanted to do a tan theme centered around one of my favorite items of clothing: my dirty tan boots. Thankfully, I was able to find my tan pants (thrifted) and tan shirt (H&M) to complete the look. Overall, I felt mad cool in this monochrome fit. It made me want to incorporate other monochrome fits in my daily wear! My favorite part of the photo shoot was when our amazing photographer told me that I was giving off Billie Eilish vibes! Another thing I loved about this photo shoot was being able to finally meet a lot of my fellow Trendsetter members!


Monochrome it is! I loved this idea, I knew from the start I wanted to make a black outfit, so I started with the basics. Black pants, my American Eagle Curvy High Waisted Mom jeans in a faded black. My Black Doc Martens. I knew I wanted to wear my black bustier from Victoria’s Secret but also wanted to pair this look with a top in case the bustier was too much. I chose a black silk peasant top from H&M (only $5!). My style teeters on the edge of hippie and edge. I love to mix the two styles. So, I chose my classic silver jewelry (a staple for me) including some star earrings. To top it all off I wore my black “witchy” hat. I love this flat-brimmed hat and am on the lookout for more colors. For my makeup a sharp winged liner and my classic red lipstick. I love red lipstick, and if you have known me for like 5 minutes you know it’s a staple for me, but because of masks I have not had the chance to wear it until today. Since we were outside and socially distanced, I could take off my mask and put on my iconic red lip. Today I used a BITE Cosmetics lip pencil with the Fenty Beauty liquid lipstick on top. 


Okie I got my gray flannel and “get downtown” shirt at fourosix for about $80 total. The jeans are just cheap gray jeans and the gray shoes are converse. I wore it to try and be a darker monochrome besides black.


Hello lovelies! This photoshoot was so much fun because I actually had the opportunity to meet my fellow members in person!! Yay! My color for the monochrome shoot was blue. When I looked in my closet I soon realized it was the color that took up the most space in my closet, sooo…why not wear it? I got the blue dress from Target on clearance ($11.95). If you’re ever shopping on a budget…clearance, clearance, and more clearance! All of my favorite pieces in my closet are clearance or thrift items and my closet is mostly clearance as well! The blue heals are Target as well ($25.00). Although most of my clothes are clearance, I find that shoes make an exception in my “girl on a budget” moto. I got my earrings from a small business based off of Instagram @bluemoon. I love that they bring a different hue to my look and really tie the whole look together. I had so much fun with this shoot, I met some amazing people and I can’t wait to continue our journey with Trendsetters! Xoxo -Karlee


I chose this outfit as a last hurrah  celebrating the last of the warm summery days here in Missoula. My monochrome look is 70’s inspired featuring a flowy vintage red dress with classic bandana print. It’s straight up 70s with a splash of western. I limited my color palate to red and white to create a crisp pretty unified tone. The earrings are homemade, a gift from an artsy friend with crafting skills. I finished off the look with a pair of white canvas flats, again emphasizing a light, end of summer feel, and red lipstick to match my makeup with my look. This outfit is unique and fun. All the elements are second hand or homemade.

Ashley L.

Hey Trendsetters! Have you ever been in a situation where you had a fancy event to go to but wanted to go on a run right before? Me neither! However, that’s the mindset I had when creating this unique Monochrome look. I knew that I needed to wear pink, as anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about pink and sparkles. I’ve had this dress for a little while – I got it at Ross for $12 – and felt it was the perfect solid color to wear to this photoshoot. It’s super comfortable, stretchy and easy to move in, and it makes me feel glamorous. As I was browsing the rest of my wardrobe, I found this track jacket that my future mother-in-law got me for Christmas at Bob Ward’s and realized they were a perfect match! How could I not pair them together? The closest I could get to bright pink in my shoe department was this pair of sequin sneakers that I got on Amazon for $25 to bring the sparkle to this look. This is an outfit that you can wear to any occasion – in class, out for a jog, or for a night on the town! Fashion in one color is limitless.

Ashley K.

I wore a black tie-up halter top, with a black jean skirt that I cut and distressed it to fit the style I wanted, and black heels. I decided to wear black because I feel most confident and powerful in this color. I bought my top and my skirt from H&M, and my heels are from JCPENNEY. My top was $8 in a size small, my skirt was $25 in a size 6, and my heels were $35 in a size 8.

Thanks for checking out our blog all about the different colors that each person loves and makes each person unique. See you on our next one very soon!

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by Rakel Tangvald | @rakel_tangvald