Valentine’s Day

While the weather outside may make it seem like a different holiday, today our Trendsetters are celebrating Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a Valentine to spend the day with, or if you are your own Valentine, today is a day to take care of yourself and stay warm. So grab a drink, a comfy blanket, and snuggle up to see some LOVELY fashion to celebrate this day of love, whether it be romantic, platonic, or self love!


Who else obsessed over and projected onto historical queer women when they were 15-years-old? No… Just me? Anywho, for Valentine’s Day, I’m cosplaying as Virginia Woolf because everything I know about romance, I know from the love letters she exchanged with her mistress, Vita Sackville-West (who was also a writer), in the 1920’s. Woolf wrote the novel ‘Orlando’ as a tribute to Sackville-West, and Sackville-West’s son, Nigel Nicolson, said that the book was “the longest and most charming love letter in literature”. Stockings were still considered proper in the high-class literary circles Woolf ran in in the 20’s, so I incorporated knee-high pale pink socks into this outfit. I completed the look with Woolf’s signature low bun. If any of y’all reading this are interested, you should absolutely look up some quotes from the love letters I drew inspiration from. They are a beautiful testament to human longing and devotion.


I put together an outfit unlike anything I would wear on an average day to highlight the dreaminess of Valentine’s Day. Romantic love is a way for us to escape the mundane. I am wearing a pastel candy themed dress that I found at a thrift shop in Coeur d’Alene, two thrifted  sweaters layered on top of each other for cuteness and protection against the snow, and the cutest pair of red fake leather boots that I found on depop. I aimed to make my outfit and makeup emulate a cutesy doll lost in the snow!


Full disclosure: Valentine’s Day is not my thing. I mean, I get it- people love each other, your couple pictures are adorable, flowers are pretty, that is all very lovely, yes…now when’s it done? I’m waiting for the discounted chocolate! Anyway, this upcoming, socially distanced V-day, I will most likely be watching Hulu while wearing the same thing I had on for this shoot: sweatpants and my favorite sweatshirt. Those baggy, blue sweatpants are from Target, and the super comfy “We Can Do It!” sweatshirt is from the New Orleans WWII Museum. 

One thing I did for this shoot that I probably will not be doing on Valentine’s Day is put on some makeup (I wanted to look at least a little cute for the pictures). I’m not sure how noticeable it is, but I put on some white eyeshadow, and some mascara as well. Something you will definitely notice, though, is the red lipstick I put on. What’s kind of funny is I used to think that I could never pull off red lips… turns out I just hadn’t found the right shade! As a final touch, I figured that since Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and sweet things, I just HAD to wear my lollipop heart earrings from LaterOperator’s Etsy shop (highly recommend giving the shop a look sometime).


It’s going to be a chilly Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t have fun! This look prioritizes function. I wanted to balance a comfy, dressed down Palentine’s look with a classic feminine and fun makeup and color palate. I  started with my favorite pair of jeans, a dusty rose sweatshirt that I’ve been living in since January, and a pair of comfy, well insulated winter boots. I took the outfit from going to take out the recycling to going out on the town by adding my favorite sage green school girl capelet, a classic 1950s red lip, dramatic eye, and a simple loose bun. This ended up being a Red Riding Hood does Valentine’s Day look.


Hi all! This Valentine’s day I have a date with my boyfriend. During the pandemic it’s been hard sometimes to find a reason to get dressed up, so I’m looking forward to looking nice instead of like a couch potato. I hate pants, so as a winter dress wearer I layer lots. I’m wearing knee socks under my fleece lined tights, and then cute red chenille socks on top of that just for fun. My dress is from Francesca’s a few summers ago, and I love how it matches the red jacket from Christopher and Banks. Because I spend so much time outside in the cold, it’s important to me to have outerwear that makes me feel cute. This pink peacoat from Old Navy was a Christmas present in 2019 and I love it so much. My hat and gloves were also Christmas presents, and I love that the barret is made of wool to keep my head toasty. My mom made this scarf and it’s very toasty! I put soft curls in my hair to give a romantic vibe. I used a more neutral eye look with a pop of red on my lips to evoke a mysterious old time feel. My favorite thing about this look is the pops of color against the snow!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Valentine’s Day is very near and dear to my heart. One year ago now, on Valentine’s Day weekend, I got engaged to the love of my life! To celebrate the one year anniversary of the greatest weekend of my life, not even exaggerating, I am wearing a pink or red themed outfit, full glam and everything. To kick off that celebration, for this shoot, I wanted to go with a look that would slay the runway.

A classy, yet sexy look, I had to go with red for this photoshoot. I got this iconic red dress on Amazon 3 years ago; it’s almost a right of passage as a college student to spend all your money on cheap outfits from Amazon because “It’s so affordable!” I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of this dress as I’ve worn it for so many occasions. I always love to pair it with my thigh high black boots that you’ve all seen before in order to compliment the black strappy detail on the dress. In order to give it a more “romantic” look, I added a more abstract pair of tights with a floral pattern as opposed to a solid color. To accessorize, you can’t go wrong with a choker; also, peep that engagement ring! I’ve also never worn black nail polish before, but I couldn’t resist to complete this look. For me, there’s nothing that screams, “Valentine’s Day,” than an iconic red lip, so I couldn’t resist! To keep warm, I grabbed my Calvin Cline jacket that my fiancé Tyrel got me for our first Christmas together. Who would’ve thought that I’d be showing up in almost an identical look to Michelle?

I wanted to bring a special prop to give this shoot and my Trendsetters some extra love, so I brought my box of dead flowers. I keep every flower that Tyrel ever gives me and I keep them all in a box, and I figured what better way to share our love than by including these magical flowers for this shoot? It was a wonderful day with wonderful people and I was definitely feeling the love for this photoshoot.


For this Valentine’s Day shoot I decided that I wanted to do something “weird!” Red and pink are typically associated with the holiday, and I’d thought it’d be fun to mix it up and center my outfit around the color green since it lies opposite of red on the color wheel. Overall, I went for a sort of “anti-VDay” look. I purchased the green suit from goodwill and cut the skirt shorter with some safety scissors. Additionally, I turned a black & white striped dress (also from goodwill) into a top (courtesy of the safety scissors) and used the excess fabric to cut little hearts to put on my blazer in an effort to enforce the theme. I paired this outfit with a heart necklace I had lying around, a heart-shaped sucker, and some killer heart shades (Thank you Jayne). I’m happy with how my last-minute-craft project turned out, and really enjoyed going for a weird, not-super-feminine look for this shoot. Big thanks and shoutout to Rakel our photographer for staying out in the cold FOREVER and taking these bomb photos of us!


I could not decide how to dress for this shoot. I love Valentine’s Day and love celebrating love but I decide to pick a darker palette for today’s look. I wore my go to go-go boots with ripped black jeans from Hollister (in the spirit of v-day, shoutout to my ex, thanks the jeans). I also added a pink turtleneck that I thrifted from goodwill for $3 and a blazer I got from a friend at a clothing swap! I wanted a bold hairstyle that’s a bit outside my comfort zone to compliment the muted tones of my look, so I went with double ponytails and long bangs. 


This is the first time I’m wearing this Calvin Klein dress I found at Dillard’s New Years sale two years ago.  The boots were a great clearance find at Target and my Michelle necklace was an impulse buy from while all the shops were closed this past summer.

We hope you are all feeling the love after looking at this blog post! Thanks for checking out our latest styles and keeping up with us!

-The Trendsetters Team

Photography by Rakel Tangvald | @rakel_tangvald